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December 22 | National Mathematics Day. | Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan.

 Mathematics is the queen of all sciences. It is the birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan who was born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu.

 Srinivasa Ramanujan Ayyankar alias Srinivasa Ramanujan is considered to be one of the most talented mathematicians in modern India.

 Although he did not receive much expertise in pure mathematics, he made valuable contributions in the fields of mathematics, such as mathematical analysis, arithmetic, infinite series, and continuous fractions.

 2012 has been declared the National Mathematical Year to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of Ramanujan.

  He died on April 26, 1920.
 He was suffering from tuberculosis.

 World Mathematical Day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of March every year.
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BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY | Knowledge Talks


The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is considered among the world's worst industrial disasters. Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas. The highly toxic substance made its way into and around the small towns located near the plant.


Estimates vary on the death toll. The official immediate death toll was 2,259. In 2008, the Government of Madhya Pradesh had paid compensation to the family members of 3,787 victims killed in the gas release, and to 574,366 injured victims.


 A government affidavit in 2006 stated that the leak caused 558,125 injuries, including 38,478 temporary partial injuries and approximately 3,900 severely and permanently disabling injuries.Others estimate that 8,000 died within two weeks, and another 8,000 or more have since died from gas-related diseases.


 The cause of the disaster remains under debate. The Indian government and local activists argue that slack management and deferred maintenance created a situation where routine pipe maintenance caused a backflow of water into a MIC tank, triggering the disaster. Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) argues water entered the tank through an act of sabotage.

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GLANDS | All About Glands | Knowledge Talks



The glands are the organs in the body that produce and regulate hormones and certain secretions.

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Christian Johann Doppler (November 2, 1803 - March 17, 1853) was an Austrian mathematician and physicist. He discovered the famous Doppler effect that relates the frequency of sound to the relative motion of the sound source and the listener.

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Solved Questions | Kerala PSC Compter Hardware & Maintenance | Part 1


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            In the above video lesson, we made a bunch of previous question and its answers too. You should understand it and take a mock test which is in the below button. Take yourself an assessment about your knowledge.

Don't forget to come back with in a month and take again a mock test, Which is help to something more stored in your memory.



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  • 1512 : Michelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling is exhibited for the first time.
  • 1765 : The Stamp Act goes into effect in the British colonies.
  • 1805 : Napoleon Bonaparte invades Austria during the War of the Third Coalition.
  • 1956 : The Indian states Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Mysore are formally created under the States Reorganisation Act; Kanyakumari district is joined to Tamil Nadu from Kerala.
  • 1973 : The Indian state of Mysore is renamed as Karnataka to represent all the regions within Karunadu.
  • 2000 : Chhattisgarh officially becomes the 26th state of India, formed from sixteen districts of eastern Madhya Pradesh.


  • 1945 : Narendra Dabholkar, Indian author and activist, founded Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (Death : 2013)

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  • 1875 : Birth day of Vallabhbhai Patel, Indian lawyer, freedom fighter and politician, 1st Deputy Prime Minister of India (Death on 1950)
  • 1924 : World Savings Day is announced in Milan, Italy by the Members of the Association at the 1st International Savings Bank Congress (World Society of Savings Banks).
  • 1952 : The United States explodes the first hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific.
  • 1984 : Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated in New Delhi by two Sikh members of her bodyguard.
  • 1998 : Iraq announces it will no longer cooperate with United Nations weapons inspectors.
  • 2011 : The global population of humans reaches seven billion. This day is now recognized by the United Nations as the Day of Seven Billion.
  • National Unity Day in India



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CURRENT AFFAIRS | 17 August to 22 August 2020

Music legend Pandit Jasraj passes away

Music legend Pandit Jasraj died on 17th August 2020 in New Jersey, United States at the age of 90. His last rites were performed in India. In his 8 decades long career, he was conferred with several honours and accolades including Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan.

Ten times more infectious new COVID Strain found in Malaysia

A new 10-times more infectious strain of novel Coronavirus has been detected in Malaysia. The new Strain has been found in mutation "DG14G" in at least 3 of the 45 cases found in a cluster. The first case was reported from a restaurant owner who had travel history from India.

Satya Pal Malik appointed as Meghalaya Governor

Satya Pal Malik, Goa Governor, has now been appointed as Governor of Meghalaya, taking over the position from Tathagata Roy, who completed his five year tenure. Roy served as Governor of Tripura for 3 years and Meghalaya Governor for the remaining two years.

Committee recommends Rohit Sharma, Vinesh Phogat, 2 others for 2020 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

The National Sports Awards Committee has recently sent its recommendations for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2020. The committee recommended wrestler Vinesh Phogat, cricketer Rohit Sharma, Paralympian Mariappan Thangavelu and table tennis champion Manika Batra for the prestigious award.

Cabinet approves to set up National Recruitment Agency to conduct Common Eligibility Test

Union Cabinet has given its approval for setting up 'National Recruitment Agency' (NRA) to conduct Common Eligibility Test (CET) for recruitment agencies such as IBPS, SSC and RRB for non-gazetted Group B and C posts.

Swachh Survekshan 2020 List Out: Indore ranked as cleanest city of India

The cleanliness survey ‘Swachh Survekshan 2020' ranking list was released on August 20, 2020. Indore was ranked as the cleanest Indian City on the index for the 4th consecutive time, followed by Surat at second and Navi Mumbai at third.

MP Government Jobs to be reserved only for state children

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has tweeted that the state government jobs are meant only for the children of the state. However, the details of the implementation have not been revealed yet. The statement has spurred debated on Domicile-based Job Quota.

Delhi Sero Survey: 29% people exposed to Coronavirus

The results of Delhi second serological survey reveal that around 29% of people in the national capital have been exposed to COVID-19 and developed antibodies against the disease. The survey findings show that the prevalence of antibodies in people has increased by over 6 percent in comparison to the first serosurvey that was conducted during June 27 - July 10, 2020.

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Current Affiars of The Day |18 June 2020

 India elected to UN Security Council as non-permanent member

India has been elected to the UNSC as a non-permanent member for the eighth time.

 Solar Eclipse 2020: Deepest Solar Eclipse watch in India on June 21st, 2020

The annual solar eclipse will be the deepest one that will be visible from Earth on June 21, 2020. During the maximum phase of the eclipse, the moon will cover up to 98.8% of the sun which will make it the deepest annual solar eclipse of the century.

 Football Federation recommends former captain IM Vijayan for Padma Shri

The 51-year-old former professional footballer and the striker had scored 40 goals in 79 matches for India. IM Vijayan was awarded the Indian ‘Player of the Year’ in 1993, 1997, and 1999.

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Current Affairs RECAP | June 2020

Garisain declared as Uttarakhand's summer capital

Bhararisen, also known as Garisain, has been declared as the summer capital of Uttarakhand. Located in Chamoli district, Garisain is now the second capital of the state after Dehradun. The move makes Uttarakhand the second state after the Jammu & Kashmir to have 2 capitals.

New Zealand declared as Corona Virus (CoViD-19) free

New Zealand has been declared as COVID-19 free after the recovery of its last patient. No new cases of the novel Coronavirus have been reported by the country in last 17 days. The country has now lifted off all the restrictions including social distancing.

ARPIT: Airborne rescue pod launched for evacuation of COVID-19 patients

Indian Air Force has launched the Air Borne Rescue Pod for Isolated Transportation (ARPIT) to evacuate critical patients from the isolated and remote areas. The pod has been designed and inducted by the IAF using Made-in-India products, supporting PM Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Global economy to plunge into deepest recession

World Bank has recently predicted that the Global Economy will plunge into the deepest ever recession since the second World War. the bank projects economy to shrink by around 5.2% in this fiscal due to shutdown imposed across world amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Free Countries: Full List

With New Zealand declared as COVID-19 free, there are now a total of nine countries that have stamped themselves out of the deadly virus and have been declared as Coronavirus free. These countries are New Zealand, Fiji, Montenegro, Tanzania, Vatican, Seychelles, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and St Kitts and Nevis.

Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2020 Cancelled

The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation has cancelled its prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Considered as Asia’s version of Nobel Prize, the Ramon Magsaysay Award is bestowed upon the Asians who display excellence in their respective fields or upon those who work to serve others.

Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra top 2019-20 Food Safety Index

Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Maharashtra have topped the Food Safety Index 2019-20 in list of larger states. The index released by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have ranked Goa, Meghalaya and Manipur in tops places in the list of smaller states.

Bharatmala Project to be delayed amid COVID-19

ICRA rating agency recently announced that the Bharamala Project of Central Government might get delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bharamala Project phase 1 was expected to complete by 2021-22. However, the project is now slated to be completed by 2025-26.

Challenger Deep: Know What is it?

Astronaut & Oceanographer Kathy Sullivan have become the first woman to reach the Challenger Deep, the Deepest Point in Ocean. The Challenger Deep is the deepest point in the Mariana Trench of Pacific Ocean. Know here what is Challenger Deep, where is it located & other details.

Telemedicine to be now covered under Health Insurance

The Telemedicine will now be covered under the medical insurance policies, as directed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Health insurers now need to cover telemedicine as part of the claim settlement.

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>> International Day For Monuments and Sites

• 1506 – Construction of the current St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, to replace the old basilica built in the 4th century, began.

• 1689 – Provincial militia and citizens gathered in Boston, and arrested officials of the Dominion of New England.

• 1847 – Mexican–American War: Winfield Scott's United States troops out-flanked and drove Santa Anna's larger Mexican army from a strong defensive position in the Battle of Cerro Gordo.

• 1938 – Superman, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, made his debut in Action Comics #1, the first true superhero comic book.

• 1955 – Death Day Albert Einstein, German-American physicist, engineer, and academic (Birth 1879)

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PSC General English Questions

1. Anand is _____ boy in the class
                         Ans: the tallest 

2 Raju is sorry _____ what he has done
                                    Ans: for

3. If you accept my _____ you will see a doctor
                                  Ans: advice  

4. He usually _____ here every Sunday
                       Ans:  comes  

5. Anjana is fond _____ music
                       Ans: of        

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PSC:Memory Trick and Code

European countries where mercy killing is legalized-  Code: BSNL




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Good Morning Good Knowledge | Asia's First Dolphin Research Centre is situated in ?

1. First train in India with CCTV Facility ?

2. Mobile number portability launched in India from ?

3. Father of Nuclear Research in India ?

4. the first city in India, Where Radio Broadcasting was started ?

5. Asia's First Dolphin Research Centre is situated in ?

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Memory Tricks and Codes - Scientists who founded Proton, Electron, Neutron

Image result for memory picCode: PEN-RTC

Proton                                     Rutherford

 Electron                                  Thompson

 Neutron                                  Chadwick
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PSC-Memory Trick of SAARC Member Countries

Memory Trick and Code: MBBS PAIN

1. Malideep                   2. Bhutan
3. Bengladesh               4. Srilanka
5. Pakistan                    6. Afganistan
7. India                          8. Nepal
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PSC-Memory Tricks code

Memory Trick and Code: FLASK OC

 Fathima Beevi : First woman judge in supreme court

 Leela seth : First woman chief justice in High court

 Annachandy : First woman judge in High court

Sujatha Manohar : First woman chief justice in Kerala High court

K.K usha : First malayali woman to become chief justice in Kerala high court

Omana Kunhamma : First lady magistrate in India

Cornilia Sorabji : First woman advocate in India
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PSC Current affairs

1. IPL 2019 action takes place in?
   Ans: Jaipur

2. Tagore award is given for ____ ?
   Ans:  Cultural harmony 

3. INDO CORPAT is an exercise between India and ___ ?
   Ans: Indonesia

4. Who appointed as 'Neeti ayog'  vice chairman?
   Ans:  Dr.Rajeev Kumar

5. GS1 India is a _____ organisation?
    Ans: Standard

6. Pakistani Nobel prize Winner Malala yousafzai to study at
    Ans: Oxford University

7. Who is the present Governor of Reserve  Bank of India?
  Ans: Shaktikantha Das

8. Which country will host the 2020 Asia cup?
  Ans: Pakistan

9.Who has been appointed as the next attorney General of India?
    Ans:KK Venugopal

10.The new chief of UNICEF?
   Ans: Henrietta Holsman Fore
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PSC Current affairs Questions and Answers

1.Chief  Election commisioner of India is:
       Ans:Sunil Arora

2. In which language Krishna sobti made her literary contributions?
       Ans: Hindi

3. First Indian women martyr who was beatified?
      Ans: Maria Rani

4. The first city of India which have WiFi connectivity in public place?

5. India's first Railway university opened at?
      Ans: Vadodara
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PSC GK-Kerala history

1.When was the establishment of Kerala?

     1 November 1956

2.Who is known as "Kerala Ashokan" ?

    Vikramadithya Varagunan

3.The book "Mukundamala (Sanskrit)" was written by ?

    Kulashekara Alwar

4.The oldest book which mentioned about Kerala is? 


5. The book of Kalidasa's which mentioned about Kerala is?


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PSC GK-Kerala History

1. Father of malayalam Language
      Ans: Ezhuthachan

2. Birth place of Ezhuthachan is at:
      Ans: Thunchanparambu in Tirur

3. First Mamankom was held in
      Ans: A.D.829

4. First Pazhassi revolution was held in
      Ans: A.D.1793
5. Dutch East India company was established in
     Ans: A.D.1592

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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. Which Country has launched new virtual currency ' PETRO ' ?

2.Who won the 2017 formula 1 Abudabi Grand Prix tournament ?
       Ans: Vatteri Bottas

3. Who has won the sportsman of the year award of first Indian Sports honours 2017?
                                                 Ans: Kidambi Srikanth

4. Who won the 2017 Miss worls title ?
Manushi Chillar(Miss world 2017)
      Ans: Manushi Chillar

5. India's first helicopter taxi service was launched in which city?
       Ans: Bengaluru
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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. Which team won 2018 Women's Hockey world  
     Ans: Netherland

2. Who was crowned 2018 F1 World Champion?
      Ans: Lewis Hamilton

3. Which team won Deodhar trophy 2018?
     Ans: India C

4. Which cricketer became the fastest batsmen to reach 10,000 ODI runs?
    Ans: Virat Kohli 

5. Which team won 2018 Vijay Hazare trophy?
     Ans: Mumbai

6. Which team won 2018 Asia cup cricket?
     Ans: India
Mary Kom(India)

7. Who became the first Women Boxer to win six world                   Championship Gold Medals?
    Ans: Mary Kom(India) 

8. Which footballer was honoured with 'AIFF player of the year'  award?
      Ans: Sunil Chhetri

9. Who won 2018 Wimbledon men's singles title?
      Ans: Novak Djokovic(Serbia)

10. Who won 2018 Wimbledon women's singles title?
       Ans: Angelique Kerber

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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answers

1. Venue of 2018 Asian Games was:
      Ans: Jakarta, Indonesia 

2.  Who won men's single title in US Open          2018?
     Ans: Novak Djokovic(Serbia)

3. Which team won 2017-18 Duleep Trophy?
     Ans: India Blue

4. Who won Women’s singles title in US Open 2018?
      Ans: Naomi Osaka (Japan)

5. Which sports personalities were conferred with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 2018?
     Ans: Mirabai Chanu(Weightlifting), Virat Kohli(Cricket)

6. Which team won 2018 FIFA World Cup Football title?
    Ans: France (defeating Croatia in the final),  Venue: Russia

7. Who won World Chess Championship 2018?
    Ans: Magnus Carlsen (Norway)

8. Which team won Davis Cup 2018?
      Ans: Croatia

9. Which team won ICC Women's T20 World Cup 2018?
             Ans: Australia

10. Who won 2018 World Billiards Championship 2018?
            Ans: Pankaj Advani

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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answer

11. Who won the best female singer award in 47th kerala state Film awards?

 Ans: K.S. Chithra

12. Name the japanese writer who won 2017 Nobel literature prize?

  Ans: Kazuo Ishiguro

13. Which country will host 2028 olympics?

  Ans: USA

14. Where is 33rd olympics planned to held?

  Ans: Paris

15. Who was the malayalee preist being released from ISIS Terrorist in yemen?

  Ans: Fr. Tom uzhunnalil

16. Who named the cyclone which has caused wide spread damage in kerala as”okhi”?

  Ans: Bangladesh

17. What is the name of rescue mission conducted by Navy,Air force &Coast guard of cyclone okhi?

  Ans: operation synergy

18. Who is appointed as the first woman secretary general of loksabha?

  Ans:Snehalatha Srivastava

19. who is the first malayalee woman to win IFFI Best female actor award?

   Ans: Parvathy T.K

20. KARMAYOGI news paper founded by?

  Ans: Aurobindo ghosh

One Extra Mark
      Which organisation was awarded this year’s Nobel prize for peace?

  Ans: ICAN
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10 GK Questions

1. Who won the best female singer award in 47th kerala state Film awards? 

Ans: K.S. Chithra

2. Which organisation was awarded this year’s Nobel prize for peace?

  Ans: ICAN

3. Name the japanese writer who won 2017 Nobel literature prize?

  Ans: Kazuo Ishiguro

4. Which country will host 2028 olympics?

  Ans: USA

5. Where is 33rd olympics planned to held?

  Ans: Paris

6. Who was the malayalee preist being released from ISIS Terrorist in yemen?

  Ans: Fr. Tom uzhunnalil

7. Who named the cyclone which has caused wide spread damage in kerala as”okhi”?

  Ans: Bangladesh

8. What is the name of rescue mission conducted by Navy,Air force &Coast guard of cyclone okhi?

  Ans: operation synergy

9. Who is appointed as the first woman secretary general of loksabha?

  Ans:Snehalatha Srivastava

10. Who is the first malayalee woman to win IFFI Best female actor award?

   Ans: Parvathy T.K


KARMAYOGI news paper founded by?

  Ans: Aurobindo ghosh

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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answer

1. Where was India’s first Centre for animal law set up?

      Ans: Hyderabad
2. Which international tennis player wrote the book  ”Unstoppable :My life so far”?

       Ans: Maria Sharapova

3. Which state will host 36th National games?
Ans: Goa

4. Which state decided to open transgender exclusive clinics in govt. Medical colleges?

     Ans: Kerala

5. Who is the biggest dam in india?

    Ans: Sardarsarovar

6.What is the motto of 2020 tokyo olympics?

  Ans: Discover tomorrow

7.Who is the female president of singapore?

  Ans: Hatimah yacob

8. Who is the first asian to win the highest international prize in material research 
    “Von hippel award”?

  Ans: CNR Rao

9. Who won 2017 Miss world title?

  Ans: Manushichhillar

10. Which film won the best feature film in 6th national film awards 2017?

  Ans: Kaasav

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Opposite Words - Part C

calm × windy, troubled

capable × incapable

careful × careless

cheap × expensive

cheerful × sad, discouraged, dreary

clear × cloudy, opaque

clever × stupid

clockwise × counterclockwise

close × far, distant

closed × open

cold × hot

combine × separate

come × go

comfort × discomfort

common × rare

contract × expand

cool × warm

correct × incorrect, wrong

courage × cowardice

create × destroy

crooked × straight

cruel × kind

compulsory × voluntary

courteous × discourteous, rude
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The Planet which has equal duration of the day and night as in Earth ? - DAILY 10 QUESTIONS

1. Where is Raja Sansi Airport ?

2. The planet which has equal duration of the day and night as in earth ?

3. Name the great scholar who adorned the court of Kanishka ?

4. Who was the most powerful ruler of Saka Dynasti ?

5. What is called the pillars of herculies ?

6. Where is Kandariya Mahadeva Temple ?

7. The Gupta king Who was called 'Kaviraja' was ?

8. The Day on which the distance between The Sun and The Earth is Maximun ?

9. River Kalindi in Purana is ?

10. Where is Taj Mahal Located ?

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1. UN requests Sri Lanka to establish hybrid court to probe war crimes during LTTE war.

2. Singapore temporarily suspends all versions of Boeing 737 Max.

3. DRDO test fires PINAKA weapon system.

4. Zinedine Zidane re-appointed as coach of Real Madrid till 2022.

5. India granted permission to wear caps in memory of fallen soldiers: ICC.

6. Indian campaign ends in Indian Wells Masters Tennis tournament in United States.

7. Veteran Hindi Newsreader Vinod Kashyap passes away at 88.

8. Russia commissioned over 1,000 new aircraft in past few years: Defence Minister.

9. India, US ask Pakistan to take concerted action to dismantle terror infrastructure.

10. Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika will not seek fifth term, delays elections.

11. Centre approves two corridors of Surat Metro project.

12. Wrestler Bajrang Punia wins gold in Bulgaria.

13. Nagaland launches 1st round polio immunisation.

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