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PSC Current affairs

1. IPL 2019 action takes place in?
   Ans: Jaipur

2. Tagore award is given for ____ ?
   Ans:  Cultural harmony 

3. INDO CORPAT is an exercise between India and ___ ?
   Ans: Indonesia

4. Who appointed as 'Neeti ayog'  vice chairman?
   Ans:  Dr.Rajeev Kumar

5. GS1 India is a _____ organisation?
    Ans: Standard

6. Pakistani Nobel prize Winner Malala yousafzai to study at
    Ans: Oxford University

7. Who is the present Governor of Reserve  Bank of India?
  Ans: Shaktikantha Das

8. Which country will host the 2020 Asia cup?
  Ans: Pakistan

9.Who has been appointed as the next attorney General of India?
    Ans:KK Venugopal

10.The new chief of UNICEF?
   Ans: Henrietta Holsman Fore
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