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TEA TIME QUESTIONS | Kalamandalam Hyderali was associated with ?

1. The part of the atmosphere in contract with the earth is:
(a) Stratosphere (b) Troposphere (c) Mesosphere (d) Thermosphere
2. Kalamandalam Hyderali was associated with:
(a) Kathalaki (b) Ottam Thullal (c) Koodiyattam (d) Kuchipudi
Kalamandalam Hyderali

3. The acid present in red ants is:
(a) Citric acid (b) Oleic acid (c) Formic acid (d)A cetic acid
4. The gravitational pull of the Moon is ........... the Earth’s pull
(a) one-tenth of (b) same as (c) one-sixth (d) 3 times
5. Marble is a form of:
(a) Calcium oxide (b) Calcium silicate (c) Calcium Hydroxide (d) Calcium Carbonate
6. Ottawa is the capital of:
(a) Argentina (b) Canada (c) Argentina (d) Canada
7. Abyssinia is the former name of:
(a) Iran (b) U.A.E (c) Ethiopia (d) Jordan
8. The currency of France is:
(a) Pound (b) Euro (c) Franc (d) Mark
9. Radioactivity was discovered byThe 
(a) Merry Qury (b) Albert Einstene (c) Henri Bequerel (d) Ruther Ford
10. India won World Cup Hockey Championship only once. It was at:
(a) Amstelveen (b) Bombay (c) Sydney (d) Kuala Lumpur

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