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• 1427 – The Ming army begins its withdraw from Hanoi, ending the Chinese domination of Đại Việt.

• 1766 – Birth Day of Charles Macintosh, FRS was a Scottish chemist and inventor of waterproof fabrics. The Mackintosh raincoat is named for him. (Death: 1843)

• 1786 – French Revolution: The Assembly of Notables is convened.

• 1800 – Birth Day of Charles Goodyear, American chemist and engineer (Death : 1860)

• 1844 – Birth Day of Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee, Indian barrister and was the first president of Indian National Congress. (Death : 1906)

• 1851 – The First American YMCA opens in Boston, Massachusetts.

• 1860 – The launch of HMS Warrior, with her combination of screw propeller, iron hull and iron armour, renders all previous warships obsolescent.

• 1911 – Sun Yat-sen becomes the provisional President of the Republic of China; he formally takes office on January 1, 1912.

• 1930 – Sir Muhammad Iqbal's presidential address in Allahabad introduces the Two-Nation Theory and outlines a vision for the creation of Pakistan.

• 1942 – Birth Day of Rajesh Khanna, Indian actor, singer, and producer (Death: 2012)

• 1949 – KC2XAK of Bridgeport, Connecticut becomes the first Ultra high frequency (UHF) television station to operate a daily schedule.

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