1. An order of court to produce a man in detention is called:

Habeas Corpus

2. When a yellow coloured flower is placed in red light its colour becomes?


3. Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world?


4. Anti Tobacco Day is on:

May 31

5. Who is known as the Father of Internet?

G. Vinton Cerf

6. ‘The Land of Cakes’ is:


7. Whose pen name is Asha Menon?


8. Which cloud indicates a clear weather?


9. The greenhouse gas is:

Carbon dioxide

10. The author of Alice in wonderland:

Lewis Carrol

11. Birds can able to recognise their home through:

Orientation of magnetic field

12. The vitamin present in yellow fruit is:

Vitamin C

13. The normal level of haemoglobin per 100 ml of blood in woman is:

14 g

14. World Wild Life Week is observed on:
First week of October

15. Red data book provides data on:
Endangered plants and animals

16. Ailurophobia is the unnecessary fear of: