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Which Date General Budget Presents in India ? |Mission LDC

1.       What is Correcting Errors in a Program Called ?

2.       Which Satyagraha was conducted After Independence ?

3.       Who Formulated The value of pH Value ?

4.       ‘Biosphere Reserve Project’ is Aimed at Protecting ?

5.       The Executive Powers of The Union of India is Vested With ?

6.       The constitution is originally mentioned about ___ Categorized of States and Territories ?

7.       ‘Endosulfan’   is an Insecticide used in ___ Plantations ?

8.       Who was the Viceroy When The Indian Independence Act Was Given Royal Assets on 18th July, 1947 ?

9.       Which Date General Budget Presents in India ?

10.   Who Were The Ali Brothers in The National Movement ?
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