1.UCR stands for:
2.Device used to convert digital signal into analog signal:

3.Carbonless copy paper is known as:

4.Name the device used to calibrate or to determine actual exposure time during plate processing:

5.Name the image carrier in letter press:

6.Reverse of letter press:

7.Laser printer reproduce image by using:

8.Name the programme help to diagnose problems with DTP documents or post script files:

9.The universally accepted method for specifying and mixing colours:

10.A leaf contains only a green pigment is illuminated with monochromatic red light.The leaf will appear to be:

11.Stochastic screening is otherwise known as:

12.One Megabytes =

13.The page style of a layout programme that appears on  every page of a multipage publication with automatic  page numbering:

14.The primary memory of a computer that stores data permanently :

15.The packaging used for electronic components,pharmaceutical tablets,capsules etc :

16.A series of small holes very close to each other is made so that a position of the sheet of paper may be readily torn away and this operation  is known as:

17.Who is the Father of Printing ?

18.Dandy roll is used for :

19.Who invented Electrostatic Printing?

20.Industrial intaglio printing is called: