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1.       The first election to the Kerala legislative Assembly held in ?

2.       The first city corporation of Kerala?

3.       The first person  in Kerala write a Sanskrit Dram?

4.       First Keralite woman to become chief Justice of Kerala High court? 

5.       The first CM of Travancore  Popular ministry?

6.       1st woman vice chancellor of Kerala state?

7.       1st Keralite appear on postage stamp?

8.       1st, president address the Kerala Assembly?

9.       1st thermal power Plant?
10.   1st Actor/Actress won the National Award \for the performance in a Malayalam film? 

11.   1st college in Kerala was set up?

12.   1st Keralite  become deputy chairman of Rajya sabha?

13.   1st chief information commissioner?
14.   1st city granted the status of corporation after the formation of Kerala state?

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