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1. What is loop back address?




2. OLAP applications are widely used by………and it uses….schema.
A.    RDBMS,bus

B.     OS,star

C.     Data mining ,star or multidimensional

D.    None of these

3. The unit processed by machine code instruction is called a….
A.    Word

B.     Number

C.     Bit

D.    Byte

4. The UML designation for a public class member is……
A.    the symbol @

B.      the symbol #

C.     the minus symbol (-)

D.     the plus symbol (+)

5. Which method is used for resolving data dependency conflict by the compiler itself?
A.    Delayed load

B.     Operand forwarding

C.     Pre fetch target instruction

D.    Loop buffer

6. Stack overflow causes
A.    Hardware interrupt

B.     Software interrupt

C.     Internal interrupt

D.    External interrupt

7. Which gate is used as an anti coincidence detector
A.    X-OR

B.     NAND

C.     NOR

D.    X-NOR

8. Cache memory works on the principle of………….
A.    Locality of data

B.    Locality of reference

C.     Locality of memory

D.    Both B&C

9. A demultiplexer can  be used as…….
A.    Encoder

B.     Multiplexer

C.     Decoder

D.    Both A & C

10.Minimum number of NAND gate required to implement EX-OR function is………
A.    2

B.    4

C.     3

D.    5

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