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Network Architecture Can Be of 2 Types Which Are:

a. Client server architecture and
b. Peer to Peer network model

Client Server Architecture:

It as an arrangement of nodes where one node act as client( which sends the request for any resource) and other acts as a server ( to process that request and send the result back to the client). There is no intermediate layer in this architect, it is called simple client server model.

2 Tier Client Server Model

In this 2 layer client server architecture, there is another layer called the data server layer where the logic exists how you can access the result from the server computer. It is caller 2 layer client server model.

3 Tier Client Server Model

In this layer, there are 2 intermediate layers like presentation layer and application layer. What we mean that Presentation logic here is different from the application logic. These are contained in two different layer which are attached to the client and sever model.

Multi Tier Architecture:

In the multi tier architecture, there are more number of logic/ layers in the intermediate levels and the request which the client makes, goes through these layers until it is finally processed by the server.

Peer to Peer Model:

It is very similar to the client server model and there is one difference however. All the systems are divided into computational nodes and all of them have equivalent processing ability and capability to solve a problem.

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