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1. When an ER diagram is mapped to tables, the representation is redundant for

A.      Weak entity sets
B.      Weak relationship sets
C.      Strong entity sets
D.      Strong relationship sets

2.In SQL the word  natural can be used with

A.      Inner join
B.      Full outer join
C.      Right outer join
D.      All the above

3.A relation is in ……….if an attribute of a composite key is depend on an attribute of other composite key.

A.      2NF
B.      3NF
C.      BCNF
D.      1NF

4. In E-R diagram double line indicate

A.      Total participation
B.      Multiple participation
C.      Cardinality
D.      None

5. Programs such an Internet Explorer that serve as navigable windows into the Web are called ________.

A.      Hypertext
B.      Networks
C.      Internet
D.      Web browsers

6. While passing an array as an actual argument, the function call must have

A.      The array name with empty brackets
B.      The array name with its size
C.      The array name alone
D.      All of the above

7. Filters are used in

A.      firewall
B.      for error detection
C.      Both (1) and (2)
D.      Purifier

8. In a compiler, grouping of characters into token is done

A.      scanner
B.      parser
C.      code generator
D.      code optimizer

9. __________ is a better authentication protocol.

A.      PAP
B.      HDLC
C.      CHAP
D.      SLIP

10. Fastest LAN is

A.      Token bus
B.      ethernet
C.      Token ring
D.      FDDI

11. The minimum time delay between the initiations of two independent memory operations is called

A.      Access time
B.      Cycle time
C.      Transfer rate
D.      Latency time

12. The interfacing device used for the generation of accurate time delay in a microcomputer system is

A.      Intel-8251
B.      Intel-8257
C.      Intel-8253
D.      Intel-8259

13. The number of output pins of a 8085 microprocessor are

A.      40
B.      27
C.      21
D.      19

14. Memory-mapped I/O-scheme for the allocation of address to memories and I/O devices, is used for

A.      Small systems
B.      Large systems
C.      Both Large and Small systems
D.      Very large systems

15. The program counter in a 8085 microprocessor is a 16 bit register, because

A.      It counts 16 bits at a time
B.      There are 16 address times
C.      It facilitates the user storing 16 bit data temporarily
D.      It has to fetch two 8 bit data at a time

16. Which logical operation is performed by ALU of 8085 complement a number?

A.      AND
B.      NOT
D.      OR

17. Belady’s Anomaly is a behavior of which page replacement Algorithm?

A.      FIFO
B.      Optimal
C.      Circular FIFO
D.      LRU

18. EBCDIC have how many bytes?

A.      64
B.      256
C.      128
D.      512

19. Winchester disk is __________.

A.      Disk stack
B.      RAM
C.      ROM
D.      Magnetic tape

20. The topology with highest reliability _______.

A.      Bus topology
B.      Star topology
C.      Ring topology
D.      Mesh topology


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