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1. The security features of application should be the time of…………..

A.      Programming phase
B.      Conceptual phase
C.      Testing
D.      All the above

2. Which form of job scheduling uses triggers?

A.      Manual scheduling
B.      Distributed scheduling
C.      Mainframe scheduling
D.      Automated scheduling

3. Which type of attack do some firewalls try to limit by enforcing rules on how long a GET or POST request can be?

A.      Smurf
B.      LAND
C.      Buffer overflow
D.      Denial of service

4. This is a document that states in writing how a company plans to protect the company’s physical and IT assets?

A.      Data Encryption Standard
B.      Security Policy
C.      Public key Certificate
D.      Access control list

5. Dirty bit for a page in a page table

A.      Helps to avoid unnecessary writers on a paging device
B.      Helps maintain LRU information
C.      Allows only read on as page
D.      None

6. Parsing is also known as……..

A.      Lexical Analysis
B.      Syntax analysis
C.      Semantic analysis
D.      Code generation

7. Who provide the leased line?

A.      www
B.      TCP/IP
C.      ISP
D.      ISDN

8. Master slave flip flop is also known as

A.      Pulse triggered flip-flop
B.      Level triggered flip-flop
C.      Edge triggered flip-flop
D.      All the above

9. CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing) used in

A.      Class B
B.      Class C
C.      Class A
D.      None

10. In binary system the highest value of an 8 bit number is…………….

A.      255
B.      256
C.      257
D.      253

11. Lexical analyzer transforms an input stream into

A.      Regular Expression
B.      Sequence of tokens
C.      Symbols
D.      None

12. If we traverse a binary search tree, in which manner that we get in ascending order?

A.      Graph
B.      In order
C.      Pre order
D.      Post order

13. Which of the following is Parser Generator?

A.      Lex
B.      Emacs
C.      YAAC
D.      All the above

14.If each node in a tree has value greater than every value in its left sub tree and has value less than every value in its right subtree, the  tree is known as……….

A.      Binary search tree
B.      Complete binary tree
C.      Full binary tree
D.      None

15. To overcome the difficulties of race around condition which flip -flop used?

A.      JK flip- flop
B.      D flip flop
C.      Master slave flip flop
D.      SR flip-flop

16. All the process executing the critical section is allowed access to the shared variable,all other process should prevented from doing so until the completion of the  critical section. This is referred to as…….

A.      Semaphore
B.      Deadlock
C.      Mutual exclusion
D.      IPC

17. Piggy backing is technique for………

A.      Flow control
B.      Acknowledgement
C.      Sequencing
D.      None

18. In which of the following categories falls round robin scheduling algorithm

A.      Pre-emptive
B.      Non preemptive
C.      Sometimes preemptive sometimes non preemptive
D.      None

19. In digital signature private key used for……..and public key used for………

A.      Encryption , Decryption
B.      Decryption, Encryption
C.      Cipher, Plain
D.      Plain, Cipher

20. How many rollers are actually responsible for movement of cursor in the mouse……..?

A.      Depends from  mouse to mouse
B.      1
C.      2
D.      3


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