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01-  The unit of frequency is Hertz
02-  The unit of resistance is Ohm
03-  The device which makes or breaks a circuit is Switch
04-  The path of an electric current is known as a Circuit
05-  Device which opposes the flow of electric current is known as Resistor
06-  Arc Lamp was invented by C.F.Brush
07-  Television was invented by J.L.Baird
08-  Transistor was invented by J.Bardeen,W.Shockley and W.Brattain
09-  The unit of wavelength of light is Angstrom
10-  A device which converts light into electricity is known as Photo cell
11-  Hertz was the first to discover Radio waves
12-  Marconi invented Radio
13-  In 1901,Marconi beamed a signal from Cornwall in England to Newfoundland
14-  Thomas Edison was an American inventor
15-  A glass tube with two electrodes is called a Diode
16-  Lee de Forest was an American scientist
17-  Lee de Forest discovered the Triode
18-  Radio and television transmit signals using Electromagnetic waves
19-  To turn pictures into electrical signals,television Cameras rely on Photo-electric effect
20-  Transistor was invented in the year 1948
21-  The first electronic components invented were the Thermionic valves
22-   Microchip was invented in the year 1958
23-  Microchip was invented by Jack Kilby
24-  The microchip invented first was also the first Integrated circuit
25-  Silicon and germanium are ideal examples of Semi conductors

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