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1.Green Revolution in India advanced during the period of ?

     Answer  - Fourth Plan

2.Which type of clouds are implicated in  the formation of Ozone hole?

       Answer - Nacreous

3.Which Indian State shares maximum number of states?

      Answer - Uttar Pradesh

4.Who was behind the 'Safety Valve' concept of congress?

     Answer  - A.O Hume

5.Which Indian state first to introduce 'She Taxi' ?

    Answer - Kerala

6.World Radio day observed on?

   Answer  - February 13

7.Who founded the Vidya Poshini Sabha?

    Answer - Sahodaran Ayyappan

8.Who was the first woman to address the congress session ?

   Answer - Kadambini Ganguly

9.Which Prime minister of Britain lead the country to victory in second world war ?

   Answer - Winston Churchil

10.Which metal is stored in mineral oil ?

    Answer - Lithium

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