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(1) What was the original name of Brahmananda Sivayogi ?

    Answer : Karat Govindankutty Menon

(2) Which state was declared as the First smoke free state in India ?

   Answer : Himachal Prdesh

(3) Who is the author of  'Train to Pakistan' ?

   Answer :  Khuswanth Singh

(4) First women Lokh Sabha Speaker in India ?
   Answer : Meera Kumar

(5) First state in India which used electronic voting machine for general Election ?

  Answer : Kerala

(6) The first Opposition leader of Lok Sabha ?

   Answer : AK Gopalan

(7) Who is the author of 'Geetha Rahasya' ?

   Answer :  Balagangadhara Thilak

(8) The member of the state public service commission are appointed by the ?

    Answer : Governer

(9) 'Tripitakas' is the sacred book of ?
   Answer :  Budhists

(10)  Permanent head quarters of SAARC ?
   Answer :  Kathmandu

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