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1 : The office of the prime minister of India
A: rests on coronations B: is created by the Parliament
C: is created by the constitution D: All of the above

2 : The members of the state legislative assemblies are elected for a period of
A: 2 years B: 6 years
C: 5 years D: 3 years

 3 : The oath of office is conducted to the president by
A: the speaker of Lok Sabha B: the chief justice of India
C: the vice-president of India D: None of the above

 4 : The objective of the Morley-Minto Reforms was
A: extension of provincial assemblies B: to give more powers to local government
C: to abolish the post of secretary of the state for India D: to establish diarchy in provinces

 5 : The minimum age required to become the prime minister of India is
A: 25 years B: 30 years
C: 40 years D: 35 years

 6 : Mainstream Nationalism in India
A: was characterized by Chauvinism B: aimed at restoration of the Hindu state
C: had national socialism as its ultimate goal D: aimed at emancipation from colonial rule

 7 : The preamble to our constitution includes all the following except
A: adult franchise B: equality of status
C: fraternity D: justice

 8 : The members of the state legislature exercise control over the council of the ministers through
A: questions and supplementary questions B: criticism of its policies
C: adjournment motion D: All of the above

 9 : The Muslim League as a political party was founded in
A: 1906 B: 1909
C: 1915 D: 1919

10 : The parliament works through committees which
A: help the government in the formulation of policy B: exercise effective control over government on a regular and continuing basis
C: ensure that the parliament strictly adheres to the provision of the constitution and the prescribed parliamentary procedure D: both (a) and (b)

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