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What is Glass?

Glass is known for its fragility as well as firmness that makes it typical of a solid. At the same time, it can be qualified as a liquid, owing to its somewhat fluid nature. But, scientifically, glass is what is called an amorphous solid – a state between two states of matter. In terms of conductivity, glass has neither thermal nor electrical, since it has no reaction with the commonly known chemical compounds.

What is Glass Made of?

The primary raw materials in glass are sand, soda, limestone, clarifying agents, coloring and glistening glass. Glass sand is about ¾th of the entire glass composition.

How is Glass Produced?

A float line is almost like a river of glass that exits the furnace before its cooling process. It makes its way to nearly 300 meters, after which it is cut into large sheets; these sheets typically measure 3.21x2.25 meters. Hence a float line is capable of continuously producing glass round-the-clock.

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