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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answer

11. Who won the best female singer award in 47th kerala state Film awards?

 Ans: K.S. Chithra

12. Name the japanese writer who won 2017 Nobel literature prize?

  Ans: Kazuo Ishiguro

13. Which country will host 2028 olympics?

  Ans: USA

14. Where is 33rd olympics planned to held?

  Ans: Paris

15. Who was the malayalee preist being released from ISIS Terrorist in yemen?

  Ans: Fr. Tom uzhunnalil

16. Who named the cyclone which has caused wide spread damage in kerala as”okhi”?

  Ans: Bangladesh

17. What is the name of rescue mission conducted by Navy,Air force &Coast guard of cyclone okhi?

  Ans: operation synergy

18. Who is appointed as the first woman secretary general of loksabha?

  Ans:Snehalatha Srivastava

19. who is the first malayalee woman to win IFFI Best female actor award?

   Ans: Parvathy T.K

20. KARMAYOGI news paper founded by?

  Ans: Aurobindo ghosh

One Extra Mark
      Which organisation was awarded this year’s Nobel prize for peace?

  Ans: ICAN
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