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PSC General Knowledge Questions And Answer

1. Where was India’s first Centre for animal law set up?

      Ans: Hyderabad
2. Which international tennis player wrote the book  ”Unstoppable :My life so far”?

       Ans: Maria Sharapova

3. Which state will host 36th National games?
Ans: Goa

4. Which state decided to open transgender exclusive clinics in govt. Medical colleges?

     Ans: Kerala

5. Who is the biggest dam in india?

    Ans: Sardarsarovar

6.What is the motto of 2020 tokyo olympics?

  Ans: Discover tomorrow

7.Who is the female president of singapore?

  Ans: Hatimah yacob

8. Who is the first asian to win the highest international prize in material research 
    “Von hippel award”?

  Ans: CNR Rao

9. Who won 2017 Miss world title?

  Ans: Manushichhillar

10. Which film won the best feature film in 6th national film awards 2017?

  Ans: Kaasav

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