1. The longest river in Kerala

A) Pamba

B) Periyar

C) Bharathapuzha

D) Kabani

Correct Option : B

2. How many west flowing rivers are there in Kerala?

A) 40

B) 30

C) 41

D) 21

Correct Option : C

3. Biggest backwater of Kerala

A) Sasthamkotta lake

B) Ashtamudi lake

C) Vembanad lake

D) Veli lake

Correct Option : C

4. Total Geographical area of Kerala

A) 36863 sqkm

B) 38863sq.m

C) 37862 sq.km

D) 35863 sq.m

Correct Option : B

5. Which district having the largest coastline in Kerala?

A) Kollam

B) Kannur

C) Kozhikode

D) Thiruvananthapuram

Correct Option : B

6. Agastyamala Biosphere included in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere programme in which year?

A) 2015

B) 2014

C) 2016

D) 2017

Correct Option : C

7. Total coastal length of Kerala

A) 580km

B) 480km

C) 680km

D) 588km

Correct Option : A

8. Percentage of High land region occupying the total area of Kerala?

A) 48%

B) 47%

C) 45%

D) 49%

Correct Option : A

9. The major soil in the midland

A) Laterite soil

B) Red soil

C) Alluvial soil

D) None of these

Correct Option : A

10. The total number of rivers in Kerala

A) 41

B) 34

C) 44

D) 40

Correct Option : C