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• The US Vice President who was honoured with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction is ?
Joe Biden
Joe Biden

• The Supreme Court described the effect of Endosulfan as devastating. The Endosulfan is ?
A highly controversial but cheap agrochemical

• He is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Tata Consultancy Services ?
Rajesh Gopinathan

• India successfully test-fired the Guided Pinaka rocket from Integrated Test Range launch pad at ?
Chandipur, Odisha

• Immunologist Alexander Rudensky, Shimon Sakaguchi of Osaka University in Japan, and Fred Ramsdell of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in San Francisco won the ?
2017 Crafoord Prize

• India's first solar powered boat was launched in ?

• Country that became the world’s first country to officially recognise parkour as a sport ?
United Kingdom

• 2017 International Conference on Disability Communication (ICDC) was held in ?

• Person sworn-in as the President of Nicaragua recently ?
Daniel Ortega

• The President of this country announced withdrawal of ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Policy for Cubans ?

• This country agreed to provide 1 trillion yen aid package to Phillipines ?

• MoUs worth Rs. 8835 crore were signed in textile sector during the 8th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017. The summit was held in ?

• This country conferred national order of knighthood honour on former Union Minister of State for External Affairs Eduardo Faleiro ?

• He was appointed as the first non-Parsi person Chairman of Tata Sons ?
Natarajan Chandrasekaran

• The humanitarian initiative that was launched by of Delhi Police and budget carrier IndiGo under which the bodies of the North-east residents who die in Delhi will be carried to their homes is ?
‘Akhiri Ahuti’

• This river-interlinking project that in second week of January 2017 received environmental, forest and tribal clearances ?
Ken-Betwa River linking project

• Parliament of this country has approved key Articles of a constitutional reform which would allow the President to be a member of a political party and issue decrees ?

• She was chosen by President-elect Donald Trump for a top health position in the incoming Trump administration ?
Seema Verma


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