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1. Who was the first general secretary of 'Nair Service Society' ?

2. Mannath Padmanabhan's autobiography is ____?

3. Whose pen name is 'P S Cheriyan' ?

4. 'Temple Entry Proclamation' in Travencore issued on__?

5. Who was the author of the poems ‘Iswara Vicharam, Daiva Vichinthanam, Rajayogananda Gita, Darsanam and Yogamrutham’ ?

6. Who is the author of ‘Adhyatma Yuddham or Anandadarsa Praduamsanam’ ?

7. The speeches of which social reformer was instrumental in changing the people towards socio-religious reforms?

8. Swami Aryabhatan and Swami Samanthabhadran were the disciples of ____________?

9. Who propagated 'Rajayoga' through eloquent speeches?

10. Vagbhatananda was a disciple of _________?

11. Who fought against the social evils of ‘Ettu & Mattu’ ?

12. In 1916, who wrote ‘Manasachapalya Samanam’ ?

13. Who wrote ‘Mangala Slokangal’ in 1917?

14. 'Athmavidya Sangham' was founded in the year _______?

15. Which journal was published in 1921 by the Athmavidya Sangham?

16. The motto of which journal was ‘Awake! Pray to the Lord of the Universe! Arise now itself, and oppose injustice’?

17. Through which poem written in 1921, Vagbhatananda proclaimed the manifesto of Athmavidya Sangham?

18. Name the booklet written by Vagbhatananda in 1927 to condemn the ideas of Sivayogi?

19. 'Yachana Yatra' was led by ____?

20. 'Vayaleri Kunhikannan Gurukkal' was the former name of ___________?

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