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Examination Code : 413/2015

1. Khasi is one of the language of the state of ?

2. Guru Shikhar is a Highest Peak in which of the following mountain ranges ?

3. The National Highway No. 1A tyhat links Srinagar to Jammu goes Through ?

4. Which of the Following Pairs is not correctly matched ?
 (a) Sandy Soil - South Panjab
 (b) Laterite - Uttar Pradesh
 (c) Red Soil - Tamil Nadu
 (d) Black Soil - Madhya Pradesh

5. Which Revolts was made famous by Benkin CHandra Chatterjee in his Novel 'Ananth Math' ?

6. The first split in the Indian National Congress took Place at Surath in ?
7. In the 'Individual Satyagraha' Vinobha Bhave was choosen as the First Satyagrahi. Who was the Second ?

8. Brahmagiri hill is situated in which district of Kerala ?

9. Which is the Shortest River in Kerala ?

10. The Thermal Power plant of Bokaro is Located in ?

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