1.       The Object of The Right To Information Act 2005 ?

Openness Of Administration, Transparency In Administration,?

2.       The National Policy For The Empowerment of Woman Was Issued In The Year Of ?

3.       The Article In The Constitution Of India Which Provides For The Appointment of a Special Officer For Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes By The President of India ?

4.       Who Was The Founder Of Aryasamaj ?

5.       Who Introduce The Railway For The First Time In India ?

6.       The Viceroy Who Followed ‘Forward Policy’ ?

7.       “Merely a Mutiny of Soldiers, Which took the Shapes of Revolt of People in Certain Areas” Who Said About The Mutiny of 1857 ?

8.       ‘The Greatest Son Of India After Lord Buddha’ Who Made this Description About Gandhiji ?

9.       “The Indian Rebellion of 1857 Was Not One Movement… It Was Many” – This Statement Has Been Made By : ?

10.   The Permission To Mint And Issue Coins In India Was First Given To The British East India Company In The Year Of : ?