1.       Whom Sarojini Naidu Once Called ‘The Ambasador of Hindu Muslim Unity’ ?

2.       Which Part of the Constitution of India Represent the Quintessence, The Philosophy and The Ideals or Soul of the Constitutions ?

3.       The Idea of Suspension of Fundamental Rights During Emergency has Been Copied From ?

4.       Who Decides Reasonableness of Restrictions Imposed on The Fundamental Rights ?

5.       Which State is Known as ‘The Jewel Of India’ ?

6.       The Idea of Public Service Commission Has Been Copied From ?

7.       Which Article is Inserted by The 86th Amendment of The Constitution to The List of Fundamental Rights ?

8.       The First Cyber Police Station in Kerala Was Started at ?

9.       The National Human Rights Commission Chairman Will be ?

10.   The Part Of Atmosphere in Contact With the Earth is ?