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In Which Language Gandhiji Wrote HIND SWARAJ ? | Mission LDC

1.       The First K. Karunakaran Foundation Award Was Given To ?

2.       Sundarban National Park is Situated in the Delta of ?

3.       “The Lathi Blows Hurled At Me Will Prove As Nails In The British Imperialism” Whose Words Are These ?

4.       Who Led The ‘Liberation Struggle’ ?
5.       Which Is Known As ‘The Lungs  of Kochi’ ?

6.       The Northernmost Back Water in Kerala ?

7.       Who Was The Viceroy When Capital of British India Was Transformed From Kolkatha To Delhi ?

8.       The Area Where Black  Soil is Found in Kerala ?

9.       In Which Language Gandhiji Wrote HIND SWARAJ ?

10.   The information Technology Amendment Bill Was Passed By Parliament In : ?

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