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Gas formed in Sun as The Result of Nuclear Fusion is ? | Mission LDC

1.       Tumalapalli Uranium Mine is in the State of :

2.       Who was in charge of the Portfolio of Finance when 14 Indian Banks Were Nationalized on 19th July 1969 ?

3.       The Headquarters of the National Investigation Agency (NIA)  ?

4.       Woollen Industrial Units are Largely Concentrated in the North Indian States Namely ____ ?

5.       If a person submits an application to the State Public Information Officer Under the Right to Information Act, a Reply to be him Within a period of ___ Days ?

6.       The phenomenon of splitting of light into its constitution ?

7.       Jindhagada Peak (1690 m), The Highest point in Eastern Ghats is in the State of :

8.       The Surface that absorbs all the colors in the spectrum Will be seen as :

9.       The Gas formed in Sun as the Result of Nuclear Fusion ?

10.   To Prepare Presentation / Slide Show Which Application is Commonly Used ?

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