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1141 – Empress Matilda became the first female ruler of England, adopting the title 'Lady of the English'.

1724 – Johann Sebastian Bach debuted the St John Passion, a musical representation of the Passion, at the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.

1896 – An Arctic expedition led by Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen  reached 86°13.6'N, almost three degrees beyond the previous Farthest North mark.

• 1926 – Birth Day of Prem Nazir, Indian actor (Malayalam) (Death on 1989)

• 1947 – Death Day of Henry Ford, American engineer and businessman, founded the Ford Motor Company (Birth On 1863)

• 1948 – The World Health Organization is established by the United Nations.

• 1954 – Jackie Chan, Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director, producer, and screenwriter 

1956 – Spain relinquished its protectorate in Morocco.

• World Health Day

World Health Day 2016: 'Beat Diabetes'

In 1948, the WHO held the First World Health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate 7 April of each year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day. The World Health Day is held to mark WHO's founding, and is seen as an opportunity by the organization to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. The WHO organizes international, regional and local events on the Day related to a particular theme. World Health Day is acknowledged by various governments and non-governmental organizations with interests in public health issues, who also organize activities and highlight their support in media reports, such as the Global Health Council.

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