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1. Which movie won the Golden Elephant Award for the best film for the year 2014 in International Children’s Film Festival of India held in Hyderabad?

2. Which state has emerged as champions in the 26th Junior National Athletic Championship held in Bangalore?

3. The name of first talking Robot sent to space:

4. The State which introduced Panchayati Raj for the first time in India?

5. Brass is an alloy of:

6. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence?

7. Who was in-charge of External Affairs Interim Government of India in 1946?

8. Which among the following Committees was constituted by the British Government to inquire into the relationship between the Indian states and the Paramount Power in economic matters?

9. "We have now an open conspiracy  to free the country from the foreign rule and you,comrades,and all our country men and country women are invited to join it”.Who said this?

10. Jallianwalabag Massacre was committed on:

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