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1. The common name of Washing Soda is
(a) Calcium Carbonate
(b) Sodium Carbonate
(c) Calcium Bicarbonate
(d) Calcium Sulphate

2. The weight of an object will be minimum when it is placed at
(a) North Pole 
(b) South Pole
(c) Equator    
 (d) Centre of the Earth

3. The first metal used by man was
(a) Copper  
 (b) Iron
(c) Aluminium 
(d) Bronze

4. Which one is a male sex hormone?
(a) Adrenalin 
(b) Androgen
(c) Angiotensin 
(d) Estrogen

5. Artificial food ripening is carried out by using the gas
(A) Carbon dioxide 
(b) Ethylene
(c) Nitrogen 
(d) Chlorine

6. The concept of Mutation was first introduced by
(a) Karl Landsteiner 
(b) Hugo de Vries
(c) William Roentgen 
(d) Thomas Edison

7. Which of the following disease is caused by virus?
(a) Dysentery 
(b) Common Cold
(c) Appendicitis 
(d) Peptic Ulcer

8. The scientific name of Malabar Grey Hornbill is
(a) Pavo cristatus
(b) Ocyceros griseus
(c) Corvus splendens
(d) Panthera tigris

9. Chemically, lime water is
(a) Calcium Hydroxide
(b) Sodium Hydroxide
(c) Calcium Bicarbonate
(d) Calcium Sulphate

10. Plants that grow in saline water are called
(a) Xerophytes 
(b) Halophytes
(c) Acidophytes
(d) Mesophytes

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