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(1) Who will be act as the chairman of public accouants committee ?

a.       The leader of the opposition in Lok sbha
b.      The leader of the house
c.       The speaker of the sbha
d.      The vice president of India

(2) Which one of the following is not a factor of a country’s foreign policy ?

a.       National interest
b.      Independence
c.       Cultural conditions
d.      Religious conditions

(3) Preamble and fundamental duties copied from ?

a.       Britain
b.      USA
c.       Canada
d.      USSR

(4) Idea of liberty equality and fraternity copied from?

a.       French revolution 1784
b.      Candra
c.       Britain
d.      Russian Revolution 1917

(5) From where taken established law?

a.       Japan
b.      South Africa
c.       Australia
d.      USA

(6) Emergency provisions and suspension taken from where?

a.       Russian revolution1917
b.      Canada
c.       Weirder constitution of Germany
d.      Italy

(7) How many schedules are there in the constitution?

a.       12
b.      11
c.       13
d.      10

(8) Fundamental rights explain Articles of ----------?

a.       12to35
b.      36to51
c.       10to15
d.      5to11

(9) Directive principles explains Articles of

a.       12to35
b.      36to51
c.       10to15
d.      5to11

(10) Who is final authority explain meaning of constitution?

a.       Supreme court
b.      Parliament
c.       Lock sabha Speaker
d.      President

(11) Who said “ India has a federation with a strong centralizing tendency”?

a.       K.M. Munshi
b.      Norman D. Palmer
c.       P. B. Gajendra Gadkar
d.      Nehru

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