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1. What type of devices are computer speakers and headphones?

Answer: Output device

2. Who discovered Unix operating system?

Answer: Dennis Ritchie

3. The ........... of system includes the programs and instructions?

Answer: Software

4. What is the full form of USB?

Answer: Universal Serial Bus

5. What is the full form of WWW?

Answer: World Wide Web

6. Who invented computer mouse?

Answer: Douglas Engelbart

7. Who invented QWERTY type Keyboard?

Answer: Christopher Sholes

8. Who invented Compact Disc (CD)?

Answer: James Russell

9. Who is known as the Father of Internet?

Answer: Vint Cerf

10. Who is known as the Father of World Wide Web?

Answer: Tim Berners Lee

11. Who invented Integrated Circuit (IC) chips?

Answer: Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce

12. Which is the Super Computer developed by India?

Answer: Param

13. Conversion of computer generated result into human acceptable form is a function of:

Answer: Output interface

14. Which type of files having the extensions .jpg, .png, .gif etc?

Answer: Image files

15. What is the full form of PDF?

Answer: Portable Document Format

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