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1. In DMA the data transfer is controlled by

A.    Micro processor

B.     RAM

C.     I/O devices

D.    Memory

2. Manipulation of individual bits of a word is often referred to as…

A.    Bit twidding

B.     Micro operation

C.     Bit swapping

D.    None of these

3. In which addressing mode the operand is given explicitly in the instruction?
A.    Direct

B.    Immediate

C.     Indirect

D.    Absolute
4. The performance of cache memory is  frequently measured in terms of a quantity called….
A.    Miss ratio

B.     Hit ratio

C.     Latency ratio

D.    Read ratio
5. The circuit used to store one bit of data is……
A.    Register

B.     Encoder

C.     Decoder

D.    Flip-flop
6. Cache memory act between ……..
A.    CPU and RAM

B.     RAM and ROM

C.     CPU and Hard disc

D.    None of these
7. The class string belongs to…...package
A.    Java.awt

B.    Java.lang

C.     Java.string

D.    Java.applet
8. A ………. Is a class whose instances themselves are classes
A.    Abstract class

B.    Meta class

C.     Sub class

D.    Object class
9. Automatic initialization of  object is carried out using a special member function called…….
A.    Friend

B.    Constructor

C.     Reference parameter

D.    Casting
10. ……..function  writes a string of text to window.
A.    cputs()

B.     put()

C.     gets()

D.    tputs()

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