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1. Which of the following keys is used for full screen view while browsing internet?

A.      F1
B.      F2
C.      F11
D.      F10

2. An AND gate is………….

A.      Implements logic addition
B.      Is equivalent to a series switching circuit
C.      Is any-or all gate
D.      Is equivalent to a parallel switching circuit

3. In which of the following topology information flow is very fast?

A.      Bus topology
B.      Ring topology
C.      Star topology
D.      Both A&B

4. A test that attempts to quantify hardware or software performance usually in terms of speed, reliability, or accuracy is called …………

A.      Benchmark
B.      Boot record
C.      Band width
D.      None

5. ICMP, RIP and BGP protocols are applicable in ______ layer.

A.      Network
B.      Application
C.      Presentation
D.      Transport

6. ……………………..virus spreads in application software

A.      Boot infector
B.      Parasitic
C.      Macro
D.      File infector

7. What tool is used to schedule deadlines and milestones?

A.      A system flowchart
B.      Gantt chart
C.      Program flow chart
D.      None

8. What tool uses ANSI flowchart symbols to illustrate system processing?

A.      A systems flowchart
B.      A Gantt chart
C.      A spacing chart
D.      None

9. What refers to human factors related to the use of computers?

A.      Energy management
B.      Ergonomics
C.      Child monitoring
D.      None

10……….is an audio format originally developed by Apple computer for storing high quality sample audio data.

A.      MP4
B.      AIFF
C.      Itunes
D.      None
Note: Audio Interchange File format

11. ULSI microprocessor is used in _______ generation of computers?
A.      Second
B.      Third
C.      Fourth
D.      Fifth
12. This processing method allows both remote access and remote processing.

A.      Distributed data processing
B.      Centralized data processing
C.      Digital transmission
D.      Analog transmission

13. Programs developed by an outside supplier and provided to the user in a machine readable form is known as

A.      Canned program
B.      Alpha program
C.      Beta program
D.      None

14. Resolution of externally defined symbols is performed by

A.      Linker
B.      Loader
C.      Compiler
D.      Editor

15. When Cutting and Pasting, the term cut is temporarily stored in

A.      Clipboard
B.      Hard Drive
C.      Diskette
D.      Dashboard

16. The pulses generated by the system clock:

A.      Synchronize the computer’s internal activities.
B.      Optimize the pipelining cycle.
C.      Are measured in thousands of cycles per second (KHz).
D.      Transmit data to your NIC (Network Interface Card).

17. The most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is…
A.      fiber-optic cable
B.      power-line cable
C.      unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable
D.      coaxial cable  
20. A (n)…………… is a device connected to a network such as a computer or a game console
A.      architecture
B.      node
C.      server
D.      modem


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