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1. What is the date function in SQL Plus?

A.      DATE
D.      All of these

2. In a Third Normal Form relation, every …….attribute is non-transitively and fully dependent on the every candidate key

A.      prime
B.      non-prime
C.      unique
D.      network

3. Sockets are used in

A.      Physical layer
B.      Data link layer
C.      Transport layer
D.      Network layer

4. How many general purpose registers in 8085 microprocessor

A.      3
B.      5
C.      6
D.      7

5. Block on buffer caches are used ……?

A.      To handle interrupts
B.      To increase capacity of main memory
C.      to improve disk performance
D.      to speed up main memory read operation

6. __________ is a list of user permissions for a file, folder, or other object.

A.      LAN
B.      Web
C.      ACL
D.      Hypertext

7. Which of the following has the features of “write once, run anywhere”(WORA)?

A.      C
B.      Java
C.      C++
D.      PHP

8. What is the maximum number of platters contained on a hard disk?

A.      4
B.      16
C.      12
D.      8

9. Which utility program is used to “paste” file clusters together?

A.      Disk defragmenter
B.      Format disc
C.      Scan disc
D.      Back up

10……….are specialized program that allow particular input/output device communicate with the rest of computer system

A.      Device drivers
B.      OS
C.      Utilities
D.      Connectors

11._____ is used to know the total memory of the system?

A.      DIR command
B.      MEM command
C.      TOT MEM commands
D.      Warm boot

12. The first graphic browser is…….

A.      Gopher
B.      WAIS
C.      CERN
D.      Mosaic

14. Which of the following virus overtake computer system when it boots and destroy information?

A.      Trojan
B.      Stealth virus
C.      Boot infectors
D.      System infectors

15. Which type of Internet ad appears behind the requested page?

A.      pop-under ads
B.      Floating ads
C.      Banner ads
D.      Skyscraper ads

16. The life-span of a CD-ROM is ________.

A.      approximately one years
B.      approximately two years
C.      approximately five years
D.      approximately twenty five years

17. A (n) ________ allows network users to share a single copy of software, which resides on the network server.

A.      single-user license agreement
B.      network site license
C.      end-user license agreement
D.      business software license

18. Which of the following uses the greatest number of layers in the OSI model?

A.      Bridge
B.      Repeater
C.      Router
D.      Gateway

19. Modem is a ______ that modulates and demodulate signals

1.       DCE (Data circuit terminating equipment)
2.       DTE (Data terminal equipment)
3.       DTE-DCE
4.       Both (1) and (2)

20. Which type of software is free to the user, but its use is based on an honor system?

1.       Share ware
2.       Free ware
3.       Utility
4.       Public Domain software

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