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1. Drop table cannot be used to drop a table  referenced by a…….. Constraint

A.      Primary
B.      Composite
C.      Foreign
D.      None

2. ……. Specify a search condition for a group or an aggregate.

A.      FROM
B.      WHERE
C.      HAVING
D.      GROUP BY

3. ….is a directed tree in which out degree of each node is less than or equal to two?

A.      Unary
B.      Binary
C.      Both
D.      None

4. A …… in an acyclic digraph,which has only one node with indegree 0,and other node have indegree 1

A.      Undirected
B.      Directed
C.      Joint
D.      None

5. A directed graph is…………. If there is  a path from each  vertex to every other vertex in the digraph

A.      Weakly connected
B.      Strongly connected
C.      Tightly connected
D.      None

6. In ……traversal we process all of a vertex’s descendents before move to an adjacent vertex.

A.      Depth first
B.      Breadth first
C.      Both
D.      None

7. The number of comparisons done by a sequential search

A.      N
B.      N-1
C.      N-1/2
D.      N+1/2

8. There is an extra element at the head of the list is called ……..

A.      List head
B.      Header
C.      Sentinel
D.      None

9. …….. is not the operation that can be performed on queue.

A.      Insertion
B.      Deletion
C.      Traversal
D.      Retrieval

10. In a queue the initial value of front pointer f and rear pointer r is ……and …….respectively

A.      0 and 1
B.      1 and -1
C.      0 and -1
D.      1 and 1

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