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1. The timing signal provides the boundary between

A.    Bits
B.     Bytes
C.     Megabyte
D.    Gigabyte

2.Which layer provide link to many wireless and wired local area networking like Ethernet,FDDI and IEEE 802.11 etc to function

A.    Physical
B.    Data link
C.     Application
D.    Transport

3. Which layer performs functions relative to syntax and semantics of the information transmitted….?

A.    Physical layer
B.     Transport layer
C.     Presentation layer
D.    Data link layer

4. Which layer allows the user to use network?

A.    Physical layer
B.     Data link layer
C.     Application layer
D.    Network Layer

5 .Most users rely on……….for the purpose of file transfers, email, and remote login service?

A.    TCP/IP
B.     DHCP
C.     SMTP
D.    NFS

6. Modern FTP servers are known as………..

A.    TCPD
B.    FTPD
C.     SMTD
D.    FTP

7. The de facto standard for an electronic mail service provider?

A.    SMTP
B.     POP3
C.     SNMP
D.    TCP

8. SMTP uses ……….transport for the reliable delivery of mail messages

A.    FTP
B.    TCP
C.     MTA
D.    FTPD

9…… a push kind of protocol

A.    SMTP
B.     POP3
C.     IMAP
D.    All

10. …… a pull kind of protocol
A.    SMTP
B.     POP3
C.     IMAP
D.    Both B&C
11. Every protocol with a certain form of contact is known as……..
A.    Protocol set
B.    Protocol Suite
C.     Protocol stack
D.    None
12. All stations in thick Ethernet is connected to a………
A.    Twisted pair
B.    Coaxial cable
C.     CSMA/CD
D.    Transceiver
13. A group of stations connected to a cable forms a…….
A.    Segment
B.     Group
C.     Repeater
D.    Transceiver
14. which device is used to link two network segments, which are separated by a long distance?
A.    Segment
B.     Group
C.     Repeater
D.    Transceiver
15. Each cable is connected to Ethernet cable through a
A.    Segment
B.     Group
C.     Repeater
D.    Transceiver
16. A central hub called……….is used to connect each station in a star type of topology.
A.    MSAU(Multi station Access Unit)
B.     CSAU
C.     SSAU
D.    None
17. Which standard is applied in LLC (Logical Link Control) layer?
A.    IEEE802.2
B.     IEEE802.5
C.     IEEE802.4
D.    IEEE802.6
18. Ethernet frames travel at the data link layer of OSI model and must be minimum of………
A.    32bytes
B.    64bytes
C.     128bytes
D.    256bytes
19………..cable is used widely as a backbone technology.
A.    TV
B.    Fibre optic cable
C.     Fibre
D.    None
20. BNC stands for…………
A.    Bayonet Neil Connection
B.    Bayonet Neil Connector
C.     Bayonet Network Connection
D.    Bayonet Neil Connectionless

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