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1. In computer software, typically refers to a software crash when a program unexpectedly quits.

A.      Dead Session
B.      Hang
C.      Crash
D.      Abend(abnormal end)

2. Blu-ray is an optical disc format can hold data upto

A.      3TB
B.      2GB
C.      20GB
D.      25GB

3. Bridge operates in which of the following OSI layers?

A.      Physical
B.      Network
C.      Data link
D.      Both (1) and (3)

4. . ……… printer is used for fax machines

A.      Dot matrix
B.      Laser
C.      Ink jet
D.      Thermal

5. What is the function of Bootstrap memory?

A.      It keeps the storage of unused data.
B.      It supports to system’s software.
C.      It’s used to initialize a computer system’s hardware.
D.      Only 1 and 3

6. Meta search engines are useful in ……..

A.      The search request through keywords.
B.      The search of images only.
C.      The special search.
D.      The automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously

7. What’s considered the ‘backbone’ of the World Wide Web ?

A.      Uniform resource locator (URL)
B.      Hypertext mark-up language (HTML)
C.      Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
D.      File transfer protocol (FTP)

8. Font Size is measured in:

A.      Pixels
B.      Points
C.      Width
D.      Height

9. E-mail messages that fail to reach their intended destination is called-

A. Above the fold
B. Bounces
C. E-mail harvesting
D. False e-mail

10. Shareware refers to-

A. Central information source
B. Traditional mail
C. The ability of a software program
D. Software available on public networks

11. How many OSI layers are covered in the X.25 standard?

A. Two
B. Three
C. Seven
D. Six

12. The session recovery can be achieved by providing a…….

A.      Check point
B.      Check mechanism
C.      Character encoding
D.      None

13. Which are the active elements such as processes, IO chips in every layer?

A.      SAP
B.      Service provider
C.      Entity
D.      Peer entity

14. Which is provided to the upper layer by an immediate lower layer?

A.      Protocol to service
B.      Service to Protocol
C.      Service primitives
D.      None

15. The basic function of each single layer is to provide services to

A.      Layer of the top
B.      Layer of bottom
C.      Layer above it
D.      Layer below it

16. The ……. protocol can make communication between the two either difficult or impossible

A.      Branching
B.      Broaching
C.      Breaching
D.      None

17. In moving from layer one to layer seven the level of abstraction…….

A.      Increases
B.      No change
C.      Decrease
D.      Both A& B

18. Seven layers of OSI model categorized into…..groupings

A.      4
B.      2
C.      5
D.      3

19. The lower layers are……..

A.      1,2,3
B.      1,2,3,4
C.      1,2,3,4,5
D.      4,5,6

20. The upper layers are…………

A.      5,6
B.      5,7
C.      4,5,6
D.      5,6,7

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