1. The functions of SS7 are……..

A.      Controlling network
B.      Set up and tear down the call
C.      Handles the routine decision
D.      All of these

2.4B/5B encoding scheme is also known as………..

A.      Bit coding
B.      Byte coding
C.      Block coding
D.      None of these

3. The modulation/demodulation is a………….

A.      Linear process
B.      Non linear process
C.      Both A&B
D.      None of these

4. The…..data mining technique derives rules from real world case examples

A.      Waterfall model
B.      White box
C.      Case based reasoning
D.      Spiral model

5. Aggregation is a special form of……….

A.      Association
B.      Generalization
C.      Specialization
D.      Object

6. Multiplexer means………

A.      One into many
B.      Many into one
C.      Many into many
D.      None of these

7. Each node in a linked list must contain at least……

A.      Three fields
B.      Five fields
C.      Two fields
D.      One fields

8. The order of binary search algorithm is………

A.      Log(n)
B.      Nlogn
C.      N
D.      N2

9. The break statement causes an exit from…..

A.      From the innermost loop only
B.      Only from the innermost switch
C.      From the innermost loop or switch
D.      None of the above

10. The no of different frequency per bit are called……….

A.      Bit rate
B.      Baud rate
C.      Chip rate
D.      Data rate

11. A CDMA call start with a standard rate of……….bits per second.

A.      9500
B.      9400
C.      9600
D.      9200

12.In SQL ,the……..command is used to recompile a view


13. The drawbacks of binary tree sort are remedied by the….

A.      Linear sort
B.      Quick sort
C.      Heap sort
D.      Insertion sort

14. Which of the following is useful in implementing quick sort?

A.      Stack
B.      Queue
C.      List
D.      Set

15. A heap allows a very efficient implementation of a…….

A.      Stack
B.      Tree
C.      Priority queue
D.      Double ended Queue

16…………is a collection of point to point link that may form a circle

A.      Ring topology
B.      LAN
C.      MAN
D.      WAN

17. The various LAN protocols are………

A.      Ethernet
B.      Token ring
C.      Both A&B
D.      None of these

18……refers to tone signals used for various control purpose via the telephone network

A.      SMS
B.      DTMS
C.      GSM
D.      All the above

19. In a token ring, the stations are connected to the

A.      Logical ring
B.      Physical ring
C.      A&B
D.      None of these

20. WAN technologies function at the lower layers of OSI model

A.      Physical layer
B.      Data link layer
C.      Network layer
D.      All the above