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IT - Quiz PRO SET - 1

1. Every protocol with a certain form of contact is known as……..

A.      Protocol set
B.      Protocol Suite
C.      Protocol stack
D.      None

2. All stations in thick Ethernet is connected to a………

A.      Twisted pair
B.      Coaxial cable
C.      CSMA/CD
D.      Transceiver

3. A group of stations connected to a cable forms a…….

A.      Segment
B.      Group
C.      Repeater
D.      Transceiver

4. which device is used to link two network segments, which are separated by a long distance?

A.      Segment
B.      Group
C.      Repeater
D.      Transceiver

5. Each cable is connected to Ethernet cable through a

A.      Segment
B.      Group
C.      Repeater
D.      Transceiver

6. A central hub called……….is used to connect each station in a star type of topology.

A.      MSAU(Multi station Access Unit)
B.      CSAU
C.      SSAU
D.      None

7. Which standard is applied in LLC (Logical Link Control) layer?

A.      IEEE802.2
B.      IEEE802.5
C.      IEEE802.4
D.      IEEE802.6

8. Ethernet frames travel at the data link layer of OSI model and must be minimum of………

A.      32bytes
B.      64bytes
C.      128bytes
D.      256bytes

9………..cable is used widely as a backbone technology.

A.      TV
B.      Fibre optic cable
C.      Fibre
D.      None

10. BNC stands for…………

A.      Bayonet Neil Connection
B.      Bayonet Neil Connector
C.      Bayonet Network Connection
D.      Bayonet Neil Connectionless

11. Only up to…….per segment can be connected to a T-connector.

A.      10 nodes
B.      20 nodes
C.      30 nodes
D.      40 nodes

12. A DQDB (Distributed Queue Dual Bus) provides service over cable interface for….

A.      LAN
B.      MAN
C.      WAN
D.      All

13. The ATM networks are…….

A.      Connection oriented service
B.      Connectionless service
C.      Both A& B
D.      None

14. The disadvantage of DQDB is to have

A.      Fluctuating data rate
B.      High bandwidth
C.      High susceptibility to error
D.      Fixed bandwidth distribution

15. The VSAT technology is based on…….

A.      Wired satellite technology
B.      Wireless satellite technology
C.      Both A&B
D.      None

16. The components of VSAT network are…………

A.      Master Earth Station
B.      Remote Earth Station
C.      Satellite
D.      All of  these

17. What is the range of Gamma and cosmic rays?

A.      >1008GHz
B.      <1018GHz
C.      >1018GHz
D.      <1008GHz

18. ASCII is a ……..bit coding for representing characters of English alphabets

A.      64
B.      7
C.      16
D.      32

19. The undesirable wave form is known as…………

A.      Channel
B.      Bandwidth
C.      Aliasing
D.      Anti-aliasing

20. SS7 (signaling system 7) is a ………….

A.      System
B.      Source
C.      Protocol
D.      None

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