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1. -------is a compulsory part of HTML.

A.    <br>

B.     <body>

C.     <tr>

D.    <image>

2. Maximum font size in HTML is….

A.          6

B.           7

C.           5

D.          8                                      

3……….is a stand alone tag

A.          <img>

B.           <body>

C.           <head>

D.          <p>         

4………tag is used to embed image in a webpage.

A.          <img src=”pic.gif”>

B.           <img src=pic.gif>

C.           <img source=”pic.gif”>

D.          None  

5………….is used to pointing/selecting the screen co-ordinates by detecting the light

   A.          Light pen

   B.           Smart card

   C.           Bar code reader

   D.          None

6……..displays the information about the active document such as page number, section number, number of pages insertion point, position etc.

A.    View Bar

B.     Menu Bar

C.     Status Bar

D.    None

7.The shortcut key to start a new line without starting a new paragraph is …….

     A.    Ctrl+Enter
     B.     Shift+Enter
     C.     Alt+Enter
   D.    Enter

8. FDDI used which type of physical topology

    A.    Bus
    B.     Ring
    C.     Star
    D.    Tree

9. Ethernet system uses which of the following technology

  A. Bus
B. Ring
C. Star
D. Tree

10. The main function of transport layer is……….  

  A. Node to Node delivery
  B. End to End delivery
  C. Synchronization
  D. None                                   
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