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1.    The MoU between Indian Coast Guard, ICG, and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, PMSA, was extended in February 2016 by how many years?

A.      3 years
B.      4 years
C.      5 years
D.      2 years

2.    Which country claimed to have developed an anti-tank weapon that could turn the tanks into boiling pumpkin?

A.      Pakistan
B.      Iran
C.      Israel
D.      North Korea

3.    Who was elected as the President of Kosovo in February 2016?

A.      Atifete Jahjaga
B.       Hashim Thaci
C.       Jakup Krasniqi
D.      Behgjet Pacolli

4.    Which state government suggested making sand freely available for the construction within the state?

A.      Telangana
B.      Rajasthan
C.      Andhra Pradesh
D.      Madhya Pradesh

5.    Which State Cabinet in February 2016 approved a proposal to set up a Law Commission to aid and advise the government on legal reforms?

A.      Jharkhand
B.      Odisha
C.      Bihar
D.      West Bengal

6.    An 11-member Expert Committee constituted by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) to examine the possibility of replacing multiple prior permissions gave its recommendations in February 2016. The committee was headed by

A.      SK Bahri
B.      Ramesh Abhishek
C.      Ajay Shankar
D.      Kalpana Awasthi

7.    The 2016 G-20 Summit which is the 10th such Summit started in February 2016 at which place?

A.      Toronto, Canada
B.      Melbourne, Australia
C.      Shanghai, China
D.      New Delhi, India

8.    To promote the inter-caste marriage Madhya Pradesh Government in its Budget 2016-17 increased the monetary incentive from 50000 rupees to

A.      1 lakh rupees
B.      1.50 rupees
C.      2 lakh rupees
D.      3 lakh rupees

9.    Gujarat Government in its state budget 2016-17 announced creation of a special mother and child hospital to provide complete medical assistance to mother and child under one roof. The hospital will be created at

A.      Gandhinagar
B.      Ahmedabad
C.      Surat
D.      Rajkot

10.    To train 3 lakh rural women to use Internet in the state, Madhya Pradesh Government in its Budget 2016-17 announced a campaign. Name it.

A.      e-Mahila
B.      e-Shakti
C.      e-Women
D.      Internet Mahila

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