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1.SQL server stores index information in the ….system table.

A.      Systindexes
B.      Sysind
C.      Sysindexes
D.      None

2…….is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity.

A.      Constraints
B.      Triggers
C.      Stored  procedures
D.      Cursors

3.The number of attributes in a relation is called its……….

A.      Degree
B.      Cardinality
C.      Tuples
D.      Entity

4.In …… normal form composite attribute is converted into individual attributes.

A.      First
B.      Second
C.      Third
D.      Fourth

5.If an attribute of a composite key is depend on an attribute of the other composite key,a normalization called …Is indeed.

A.      Third
B.      Fourth
C.      BCNF
D.      None

6.The ……. Operator preserves unmatched rows of relations being joined.

A.      Union
B.      Inner join
C.      Outer join
D.      None

7……. Joins are SQL server default.

A.      Inner
B.      Outer
C.      Equi
D.      None

8….. is essentially used to search for patterns in target string.

1.       In predicate
2.       Out predicate
3.       Null
4.       Like predicate

9…. Is a combination of two or more attributes  used as a primary key.

1.       Foreign key
2.       Composite key
3.       Candidate key
4.       Alternate key

10….. is a special type of stored procedure that is automatically invoked whenever the data in table is modified.

1.       Procedure
2.       Trigger
3.       Cursor
4.       None

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