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1.A …… is a set of information that is exchanged between a client and web browser and a web server during HTTP transaction.
A.      Info
B.      Clientinfo
C.      Cookie
D.      None
2. Simple cabling method, known as the …….. topology allows 30 computers on a maximum cable length about 600 feet.
A.      Ring
B.      Bus
C.      Star
D.      Mesh
3.The ………. Layer is responsible for resolving access to the shared media or resources.
A.      Physical
B.      Network
C.      MAC sublayer
D.      Session
4.A firewall is installed at the point where internal network and untrusted external network meet which  is also known as ……….
A.      Check point
B.      Meeting point
C.      Secure poit
D.      None
5……… used to carry traffic of one protocol over network that does not support that protocol directly.
A.      Tunneling
B.      Transfering
C.      Trafficing
D.      Switching
6.In ……..mode the authentication header is inserted immediately after the IP header.
A.      Transport
B.      Tunnel
C.      Authentication
D.      None
7.The …… is a collection of protocols designed by Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF)to provide security for a packet at the Network layer.
A.      NetSec
B.      IPSec
C.      PacketSec
D.      None
8……. Mode is used when the either end of a security association is gateway.
A.      Tunnel
B.      Transport
C.      Encapsulating
D.      Gateway
9…..clause is an additional filter that is applied to the result.
A.      Select
B.      Having
C.      Group by
D.      Order by
10……….contains data assisting  day to day activities of the organization.
A.      Control database
B.      Operational db
C.      Sequential db
D.      None

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