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1.     First computer virus is known as?


2.     Which programming language is exclusively used for artificial Intelligence?


3.     Number of layers in OSI model?


4.     1024 bit is equal to how many bytes?


5.     .gif is an extension of?


6.     Which protocol is used to receive e-mail?


7.     Which protocol is used to send e-mail?


8.     Who is known as the father of Indian Supercomputing?


9.     A folder in windows computer can’t be made with the name….?


10.  What is the extension of excel 2007?


11. Who is known as the father of supercomputing?


12.  Who created the C programming language? 


13.  Who is known as the father of internet?


14. Which is the first word processor application?


15. Who developed Java Programming Language?


16.  Who first developed QWERTY keyboard used in computers and phones?


17. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called?


18.     A device that converts digital signal to analog signal is?     


19.   Which is the first search engine in internet?


20.      Number of bits used by the IPV6 address?

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