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Marketing Specialist Officer | Selected Questions Part 8

1). A critical marketing perspective is the process of determining

a. How places compete with each other.
b. Which type of promotional strategy works best.
c. The value of a product, person, or idea.
d. The worth and impact of marketing activities.

2). In 1985, the Coca-Cola Company made a classic marketing blunder with its deletion of its popular Coca-Cola product and introduction of what it called New Coke. Analysts now believe that most of the company's problems resulted from poor marketing research. As the public demanded their "old Coke" back, the company relented and reintroduced Coca-Cola Classic (which has regained and surpassed its former position) while New Coke owns only 0.1 percent of the market. Which of the following marketing research mistakes did Coca-Cola make?

a. They did not investigate pricing correctly and priced the product too high.
b. They did not investigate dealer reaction and had inadequate distribution.
c. They defined their marketing research problem too narrowly. 
d. They failed to account for the Pepsi Challenge taste test in their marketing efforts.

3). Market can be segmented into ___ product users.

a. Light.
b. Medium.
c. Heavy
d. All above

4). Which of the following is not an advantage of requiring employees to wear uniforms?

a. Provides a physical symbol that embodies the groups ideals and attribute
b. Implies a coherent group structure
c. Identifies the firms personnel
d. Provides price expectations to customers

5). Another way to describe a value delivery network (partnering with specific suppliers and distributors) is to call it a------------.

a. Cabal
b. Teamwork group
c. Supply chain
d. Domestic power center

6). Product line means

a. Set of all products of a company.
b. No. Of items.
c. A group of related products.
d. All above

7). A buyer's perception of value is considered a tradeoff between

a. Product value and psychic cost.
b. Service value and monetary cost
c. Total customer value and total customer cost
d. Image value and energy cost

8). Setting the promotion budget so as to match the budgets of the competition are characteristic of which of the following budget methods?

a. Competitive-parity method
b. Percentage-of-Sales method
c. Affordable method
d. Objective-and-task method

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