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Marketing Specialist Officer | Selected Questions Part 7

1. What does Bank Marketing mean?

a. Selling of banks
b. Buying of banks
c. Merger of banks
d. Selling bank's products and services
e. Selling various items in banks

2. Which of the following is needed for Proper Pricing?

a. Extra charges for extra services
b. Levy of VAT
c. Good customer service
d. Putting burden on the customer
e. Service with extra facilities

3. A lead means ___________.

a. Bank's marketing staff
b. Training period
c. Bank's Chairman
d. Target customer
e. Monthly Achievement Statement

4. Which of the following trait is ideal for a Sales man’s behavior?

a. Aggressive
b. Pushy
c. Dominance
d. Polite
e. Talkative

5. Relationship Selling means ___________

a. Preparing a list of relatives
b. Cross-selling
c. Selling to relatives
d. Selling to strangers
e. Telemarketing

6. What do you mean by customization?

a. Special products to suit each customer
b. Acquiring more customers
c. New innovative products
d. More products per customer
e. None of these

7. In terms of banking industry, what does ROA stand for?

a. Rate of Allocation
b. Ratio of Assets
c. Return on Assets
d. Return on Advances
e. None of these

8. Marketing can be best defined as

a. only selling
b. to focus only on products or services
c. meeting human needs profitably
d. to focus on customers
e. Only (c) and (d)

9. Identify the only correct statement among the following.

a. Marketing is a waste of employees’ time.
b. Marketing is not required in India due to its vast population.
c. Only Marketing involves extra work.
d. Marketing includes promotion, selling, research and advertising.
e. None of these

10. Leads can be best sourced from

a. Foreign Customers
b. Yellow pages
c. Dictionary
d. List of vendors
e. Local supply chains

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