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Marketing Specialist Officer | Selected Questions Part 3

1). The goal of the marketing logistics system should be to provide:

a. a targeted level of promotional support.
b. a targeted level of customer service at the least cost.
c. a targeted level of transportation expense ratio.
d. a targeted level of field support.

2).When Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods use marketing to promote their careers and    improve their impact and incomes, they are using:

a. idea marketing.
b. cause-related marketing.
c. person marketing
d. nonprofit marketing.

3). Marketers are sometimes accused of deceptive practices that lead consumers to
believe they will get more value than they actually do. ______________ includes
practices such as falsely advertising "factory" or "wholesale" prices or a large price
reduction from a phony high retail price.

a. Deceptive promotion
b. Deceptive packaging
c. Deceptive pricing
d. Deceptive cost structure

4).A manufacturer has four sponsorship options. A _________________ is a brand created and owned by a reseller of a product or service.
a. licensed brand
b. co-brand
c. manufacturer's brand
d. Privaten brand

5).The process that turns marketing strategies and plans into marketing actions in order
to accomplish strategic marketing objectives is called:

a. Marketing strategy.
b. Marketing control.
c. Marketing analysis.
d. Marketing implementation

6).One of the major incentives that has encouraged Sears to diversify by buying Land’s End and K - Mart is/are

a. Sear’s long period of poor performance.
b. the excess of free cash flows available for investment.
c. changes in antitrust legislation.
d. None of the above

7).Each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive area in which to sell the company's full
line of products or services in which type of salesforce structure?

a. Territorial sales force.
b. Product sales force.
c. Customer sales force.
d. Hybrid sales force.

8).The centralized mass production of services is difficult due to

a. Intangibility.
b. Inseparability.
c. Homogeneity.
d. Perishability.

9).The last stage in the selling process is the ________________ stage.

a. approach
b. handling objections
c. closing
d. follow-u

10). Many U.S. firms have sought relief from foreign competition by demanding
protectionism policies by the U.S. government. A better way for companies to
compete is to expand into foreign markets and:

a. lower prices.
b. increase promotion both at home and abroad.
c. continuously improve their products at home.
d. join into cartels at home.

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