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Marketing Specialist Officer | Selected Questions Part 1

1.A ‘call’ means

1)      shout out to somebody
2)      a profession or business
3)      visit friends
4)      visiting prospective customers
5)      after- sales reserve

2.What is the meaning of “Conversion”?

1)      meeting a prospective client
2)      interacting with a prospective client
3)      converting an employer into an employee
4)      converting a seller to a buyer
5)      converting a prospective client into a buyer

 3. The Letter “T” in PEST stands for :

1)      Treats
2)      Technological
3)      Teacher
4)      Table
5)       None of the above

4.This method is  specifically used for increasing the short term sale of the goods.

1)       Advertising
      Sales Promotion
      Public Relations

5)       None of the above

5. Entry of laggards is in which stage of PLC

1)       First

5)       None of the above 

6.Which of the following represents the most logical progressive sequence?

1)      Segmentation, targeting, positioning
2)      Targeting, segmentation , positioning
3)      segmentation; positioning; targeting
4)      positioning; targeting; segmentation
5)      targeting; positioning; segmentation

7.Which of the following terms correctly describes each of the four boxes of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix?

1)      star; cash cow; dog; war horse
2)      war horse; star; question mark; dog;
3)      cash cow; star; question mark
4)      star; question mark; cash cow; dog
5)      None of the above 

8.What describes the correct labeling of the axes of the GE matrix?

1)      competitive position/market attractiveness
2)      market attractiveness/company's competitive capability
3)      strategic position/prospects for sector profitability
4)      company's competitive capability/strategic position.
5)      None of the above 

9.Which of the following categories represent the Decision Making Unit (DMU)?

1)      Gatekeepers; Users; Deciders; Buyers; Influencers
2)      Users; Deciders; Buyers; Influencers; Negotiators
3)      Deciders; Buyers; Influencers; Gatekeepers; Mediators’.
4)       Gatekeepers; Users; Deciders; Buyers; Consumers
5)      Gatekeepers; Users; Buyers; Influencers; Estimators

10.Data fusion is a technique that is applied in?

1)      Sales promotion
2)      Pricing.
3)       Global marketing
4)      Direct marketing
5)      Logistics management

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