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IT Specialist Officer Examination Crack Materials | Set 2

  1.   All the operations in a digital system are synchronized by a clock that is  generated by ?   

 2.      If CPU and I/O interface share a common bus than transfer of data between two units is known as ?

3.      __ read the data by reflecting pulses of laser beams on the surface ?

4.      A set of physical addresses is also known as ?

5.      The performance of the cache memory is measured in terms of ?

6.      RISC stands for ?

7.      A microprogram is sequencer perform the operation ?

8.      The unit which decodes and translates each instruction and generates the necessary enable signals for ALU and other units is called

9.      The address mapping is done, when the program is initially loaded is called ? 

10.  Whenever CPU detects an interrupt, what it do with current state ?

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